something is still missing

"Etwas fehlt noch" - a online-project by Renata Moskwa



The pictures inside the word “FEHLT” look good, but if we take a closer look, they are incomplete - but we want to see them in whole ...


A book with missing words, letters or pages. You can't read it!

A watch without hands! What time is it? Only the hands are missing! How important are these two little things!


Only half a Christmas tree! What does it look like?

A guitar that plays beautiful music, but without strings, without a grip. It doesn’t work!

A cup with a missing part. How will I drink my coffee in the morning now?

An armchair, but there is a missing leg and part of the backrest is missing as well! How can you sit on it safely and comfortably?!




If something is missing, then it doesn’t fully work. Success is only guaranteed when all parts work well together. A society without real, complete gender equality? That is like only half of a Christmas tree. Let's change it together! Small steps in the right direction in everyday life!

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People want to improve, but often they fear change.


We no longer store files on floppy disks. We no longer use old planes. We no longer listen to music on cassette tapes. We use seat belts in cars. That makes sense, it’s safe, comfortable, that is called progress. We are developing. We want to use improved equipment, newer, more comfortable, more economical and better objects. The old versions are a thing of the past. Why is the position of women often the same as before? Also in society we must make improvements. 


On 7th February 2021, Switzerland will celebrate an important anniversary. It will be 50 years since women have the right to vote and to be elected. Gender equality is profitable and beneficial for both women and men. No-one loses, we can organise the role even better, more appropriately. Women have already achieved a lot, next steps we must take together. We need each other.

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